MiRTLE – 10


MiRTLE 10 is a handheld, screening device that uses a millimeter wave radio technique to detect threat materials or objects concealed under clothing up to 10 metres from the operator. By illuminating the target subject with low power, Ultra Wide Band (UWB) millimeter wave energy and analyzing the reflected waveform, the specific nature of the concealed object or material is determined. Because real threats objects such as handguns or concealed explosive devices present different radio signatures than benign objects like mobile phone hand-sets or keys, MiRTLE 10 will alert the operator only to real threats, eliminating confusion from false alarms. MiRTLE 10 is manually aimed by the operator toward a single target subject. This facilitates, non-contact, screening at stand-off ranges. The operator is simply alerted by a color coded indicator display thereby eliminating any operator decision to make “a threat/no threat” decision. Screening is done in real time, and no images are displayed to compromise the privacy of the target subject.

Key Features

  • Stand-off range between system and target of up to 30 meters
  • Wired or wireless remote operation between operator and system
  • Real time threat indication
  • Autonomous Threat/No Threat decision
  • Indoor and outdoor operation
  • Truly non-invasive as no revealing imagery captured
  • Reliable detection of wide spectrum of threats with discrimination of benign items
  • Entirely safe with a power output 0.1% of a typical cell phone


  •  Size (L x H x W) 535mm x 370mm x 340mm
  • Operating temperature -10°C to 45°C
  • Power consumption 35W
  • Input Voltage 24V DC
  • Detection range 6m to 30m
  • Regulatory approvals CE Marking
  • Weight 7.5 kg

Sensor Parameters

  • Beam size 100mm at 6m, increasing to 300mm at 30m
  • Transmit power 2 mW
  • Transmit Wavelength 75-110 GHz
  • Receivers 2 direct power receivers, co- and cross-polarized

 Product Codes

  • RPS MT301 MiRTLE System
  • RPS PTMT Pan & Tilt Head
  • RPS ROW Remote operation by wireless
  • RPS ROC Remote operation by cable